Thursday, December 25, 2008

manusia dan hatinya

what a long came back from certain particular parts of the earth..a place that taught me something new..syukur to Allah s.w.t who still didnt separate my body from my soul and the chance of breathing the air that You've created..alhamdulillah..umi,abh,ayah,mak,uncle...abg2,kakak2,adik2 of mine..makcik2 pakcik2...thanks a lot for always being by myside..sorry for all my glad to have all of you in my life...thanks to Allah s.w.t who created the path that create the bond between dear friends...i wanna thanks for all the best or the bad parts that u guys had taught me till i can walk smoothly on this earth...subhanallah...May this coming days,weeks,months and years do boost the spirit up in the best manner..Insyaallah...


Sunday, December 7, 2008


sampai kelantan around 4.35pm td ..
huu...from seberang jaya,png 214km..
hehe...myk around rm25...huu..terasa jimat..
hope okeh sume... thrill gak jln lalu gerik nih...
test mata tol...byk lubang..huu...

Saturday, December 6, 2008


smlm my fes date ngan wombat...warghh...
to wombat: i'll take greatest care of u..dun wory...sape dare to kiss wombat,,i'll giv a #@!~ dunk!!he...

red yellow black...beWArE!!

ya salam..

Red touch yellow, kill a fellow
Red touch black, venom lack. ..

i'm back to give a lil information about the snakes which are look similar but not!!
here goes the first one...northern scarlet snake...this snake is Non-venomous has a color pattern in which the red bands touch the black bands, but the red bands do not touch the yellow bands.this type also does include the scarlet kingsnakes .they has a SAME colour but the bands make them different.For the scarlet kingsnakes..the band goes around the belly but for the scarlet snake..i does' i've said above just touch bllack,venom,these snakes are not that poisonious compared to the Coral Snake..,, watch out if u suddenly found one..Stay AWAy!!-->generous advice..hehe...this snake is really2 piosionous that it might kill a fellow!huu...the great thing i want to share is...this poisonious snake do have a same colour with the scarlet and scarlet kingsnake but it just have a lil differences on how the colour binds the snakes...huuu..
Coral Snakes have a pattern in which every other band is yellow. Hence yellow touches both black and red, but black and red never touch.
The bands of a Coral Snake run all the way around the body. But since the Coral Snake can be identified by the pattern, happily there is no need to pick it up to check its belly,,,hehe...eyp...let me introduced u guys with a few pic..heee..=)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i can't hold on any longer..
hu...the force of the stress is really hard in order to push me back into the right position...can't lay back to am i going to discribe my feeling right now...beyond the actual capasity...yea...trying to figure out the best way to forgive-forget and walk away from the someone that text me last personally sorry if i've done something bad-scratch-scribe-ur heart...again it falls under certain circumstances that is strictly hard to explain...huh...i do hope my moves in the next chapter of my life,won't include those who r not ready to be on the personally sorry to whom it may be..-spectacle-

kapla pusing..

ya salam~!
nape la roda hidup ak cpt sgt pusing..
hehe...smlm kt bwh...pastuh smlm gak nek atas...
pastuh hr nih kt atas lgk...esok hope x bwh ngn cepat..kalu x lemas!!
hm...dahsyat pengalaman nih...criusly dahsat!!
hehe...owh yea...mungkin jodohku sdh ditakdirkn dgn hitam merah...
esok hr pertama hidup ak ngan hitam merah..
hope sume ok...hhehee...=)

Monday, December 1, 2008 out ur 'shoes'!!

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